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Notiziario Marketpress di Lunedė 12 Giugno 2000

  Scotts Valley, California - 12 June 2000 Inprise/borland (Nasdaq: Inpr) today released a preview version of Jbuilder Handheld Express, an extension for the mobile market to Inprise/borlandīs Jbuilder 3. 5, an industry leading Java technology development tool. The preview version of Jbuilder Handheld Express enables users to quickly develop Java solutions using the Java 2 Micro Edition(j2me) software development kit (Sdk), and rapidly deploy Their application to the Palm Os. The preview software is available for download at no charge via http://www. Borland. Com/jbuilder/hhe . In the four years since its introduction, Jbuilder has become the development tool of choice for getting the job done fast. As we continue into the post-Pc era, the market for network-connected devices continues to grow at an enormous rate. While new classes of devices like smart cellular telephones, pagers, and Pdas proliferate, traditional consumer electronics including televisions, Vcrs, Cd players, and game machines are getting smarter and adding new capabilities. Whether devices are new or more powerful versions of existing products, all are becoming increasingly interconnected. Jbuilder Handheld Express embraces this vision and provides an early adopterīs version of pure Java high productivity development environment for the Palm Computing platform. Jbuilder Handheld Express provides support for developing solutions using the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2me) Software Development Kit (Sdk) Version 1. 0 currently targeted at the Palm Os. In addition, Jbuilder provides features that dynamically adapt to any J2me profile, including the Mobile Information Device Profiles (Midp) currently being developed through the Java Community Process. Handheld Express is an add-on to Jbuilder 3. 5. It seamlessly integrates and extends Jbuilderīs development environment with new Wizards and functionality to radically simplify application development for J2me targeting the Palm Computing platform. Palm applications developed on either Windows, Linux (deployment from a Linux environment to Palm Os is currenly not supported in the J2me Cldc), or Solaris platforms can easily be deployed to any Palm Computing platform device. Download available via http://www. Borland. Com/jbuilder/hhe . Jbuilder is ideally suited for Java developers who want a high productivity Ide (integrated development environment) to more easily create cross-platform applications for Linux, Solaris, Windows and now the Palm Computing platform. With Jbuilder 3. 5 developers will rapidly develop, compile, run and debug applications using Jbuilder visual tools as well as through traditional coding methods. Key product features include the Appbrowser, to simplify code management; Codeinsight to reduce syntax errors and speed coding; the Java 2 platform graphical debugger; and Pure Java Two-way-tools. Additionally, users can easily customize and extend the environment to suit their development needs using the Open Tools Api, which enables easier integration of tools and components from third party vendors. A detailed matrix of features included Jbuilder 3. 5 is located at Jbuilder 3. 5 Feature Matrix available via http://www. Borland. Com/jbuilder/productinfo/feamatrix/ Jbuilder Handheld Express requires J2me Sdk Version 1.