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Notiziario Marketpress di Venerdì 30 Giugno 2000

  Erfurt, June 30, 2000 - Intershop, a leading supplier of software solutions for Internet business, is announcing the take over of Owis Software Gmbh, Ilmenau. With this acquisition, Intershop is acquiring recognized experts and experienced teams with expertise and project experience in object oriented software development. Through the integration of the new development and project teams, Intershop wants to accelerate its own product development as well as acquire experts for project business in order to be able to react to the order situation appropriately - especially regarding the installation of the e-commerce software "enfinity" at large companies. In particular, Intershop plans the development of a universally applicable procedure for the installation of electronic commerce systems. In this field, Owis disposes of the necessary technology and know-how for the drastic shortening of operating time and availability of such systems. The head of Intershop, Stephan Schambach, says: "As a visionary company, Owis oriented itself toward the latest technology and methods of software development. Through the takeover, we will be able to integrate absolute top quality expertise in our own development departments. The competencies possessed by the Owis and Intershop teams augment each other perfectly. " Through the acquisition of Owis, which lies close to Jena, the number of Intershop employees will increase by approximately 100 to over 900. Owis Software Gmbh, located in the university city of Ilmenau in Thuringia in Germany, very close to Jenas, was founded in 1992 and last employed more than 100 employees at its Ilmenau, Hamburg, Stuttgart and San Diego locations. Among Owis´ customers are. Daimlerchrysler, Lbs, Helaba, Ascom and Deutsche Bahn Ag. It is most experienced in developing innovative tools for companies who themselves produce software. The product Objekttechnologie Werkbank (Otw) supports the modeling of software systems with the worldwide Uml (Unified Modeling Language) standard. Intershop is the world´s fastest growing provider of e-commerce software and solutions for the enterprise. Intershop software offers the quickest time-to-market today with the greatest flexibility for tomorrow. Intershop e-commerce solutions enable customers to "Sell Anywhere" by supporting the widest range of current and rapidly emerging e-commerce business models. With more than 270, 000 licenses sold worldwide, Intershop customers include some of the world´s largest commerce service providers and enterprises such as Altavista, Concentric, Deutsche Telekom, Go2net, Mindspring, Nortel, Psinet, U S West Dex, Bosch, Canon Usa, Columbia-tri Star, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Hewlett-packard, Kraft, Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz U. S. International, Motorola, Sony and Waterstone´s Online. Founded in 1992, Intershop is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in the U. S. , Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Infolink: www. Intershop. Com .